Electric Garage Door Maintenance Basics

Electric Garage Door Maintenance Basics

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Among the different types of garage openers, automatic garage door openers are fast becoming very popular, because they don't just look stylish but are easy to operate too. However, like any other type of door openers, they also encounter technical problems, and they break down too sometimes. Let's take a brief look at the maintenance and repair basics for electric garage door openers.

Inspect Moving Parts and Track Once A Year

Electric Garage Door Maintenance BasicsAccording to garage door repair experts, as a general rule, these door opener variants should be thoroughly inspected every year, especially their track and all moving parts. Check the door opener's remote control to see if the batteries are still working, as well as check if you could activate it from the main control panel on the wall.

Check the Track for Loose Parts

The next maintenance step would be to closely inspect the electric garage door's tracks to check for loose or missing components and parts. Also check if the door opener's mounting brackets are properly fastened, and it doesn't have any missing bolts or screws. Also clean the track and door rollers with a scrub brush, to remove dirt and other debris, as well as lubricate the track's inside areas with motor oil. Do not use grease as a lubricant, because this could restrict the roller's movement.

When performing electric garage door replacement or repair, always make sure you strictly refer to the door manufacturer's manual for the exact instructions in fixing the rollers, tracks, and other major components. If the door does not go down all the way, you will probably need to modify its close limit, which is often controlled by two screws on the motor box' side panel. One screw dictates how high the door is raised, while the other screw regulates how far the door is lowered.

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