Amarr Specialty Garage Doors

Amarr Specialty Garage Doors

The collection of Amarr Specialty garage doors is created to cater to the needs of property owners with more specific requirements when it comes to the characteristics, functionality and appearance of the overhead unit. There are only two models - Vista and Coastal.

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Amarr Specialty Garage Doors in CaliforniaThe Vista model is a garage door with a 2-inch commercial-grade aluminum frame. This material is strong, and at the same time, light-weight. It is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The door can come with glass panels or aluminum ones. It is possible for insulated panels to be used for the make of the door.

There are two finish options for the aluminum frame. For one, it can be anodized. With this, a layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface of the frame so that it is better protected from the elements. The powder coating does the same job. It is applied directly on the frame. With both types of finishes, there are different color options available. There are nineglass and fivealuminum panel designs. The glass options range from clear to frost, snow and obscure. There are also three tinted glass options. The colors to select from are gray, green and bronze. The aluminum panel options range from anodized ones in different colors to perforated panels.

The second model in the Amarr Specialty garage doors line is Coastal. As the name of the model suggests, it is made to withstand the damaging effects of the harsh coastal environment from scratching to rust and decay. The material used for the job is solid vinyl. It is highly weather-resistant. There are ten panel design options including ones in traditional and carriage house styles. There are six window design options. The model comes with polystyrene insulation.

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