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About Us

In case of broken cable, failed opener or missing remote control, count on us, at Garage Door Repair Corona Del Mar, to resolve the problem in the fastest and most effective manner.

Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Corona del Mar

With expertise in residential garage door repair services, our technicians can assist local clients in timely fashion. We're experienced in repairs related to openers designed for residential use in California and offer fast response services. From track repair, broken spring replacement and adjustments to troubleshooting and opener installation, our team can help

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: White Cap Drive
Corona del Mar, California
Zip code: 92625
Phone: 949-456-8061

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We provide maintenance, installation and repair services. Our technicians fix cables, tracks, rollers, springs and operators. We try to help our customers as soon as possible and are here to answer their questions


In case of broken cable, failed opener or missing remote control, count on us, at Garage Door Repair Corona Del Mar, to resolve the problem in the fastest and most effective manner. Our company has experienced and skilled professionals, advanced modern equipment and spare parts of high quality for dealing even with the most complex of issues. In addition to repair, we provide scheduled replacement, installation and maintenance. Our emergency service is readily available for restoring the safe and secure operation of overhead door systems in the shortest possible time. We are happy to service doors and electric operators of all ages, makes, designs and brands.

Our company is renowned for providing same-day service

With us, the customer's experience typically begins with talking to one of our support specialists. Our professionally trained staff members will arrange a visit by one of our technical crews for the first open time slot. Our company is renowned for providing same-day service and for dealing with emergencies on the spot. All of our crews are fully prepared to provide even the most complex tasks such as bent garage door track repair. Our expert technicians work with great dexterity to eliminate the problem quickly even if sensitive components are involved. The high level of accuracy, which we achieve thanks to our skills and precision tools, enables us to repair even delicate components such as the logic board of a garage door opener perfectly in no time.

Rely on us completely for replacing a damaged component with a new one which has the same specifications as the old one plus great strength and durability. We can readily provide broken spring replacement on an urgent basis. It is our job to ensure that we have the right components for replacing entire panels and even opener remotes and we do it flawlessly. Large and complex replacement projects involving the door, hardware and electric operator are among our core areas of specialty. Our team in California has excellent organization and all required equipment and materials to achieve perfection quickly.

Our maintenance service is designed to keep both new and old automatic doors safe, secure and effective at all times. It includes inspection, testing, cleaning and lubrication. All problems are eliminated timely so that bigger ones are effectively prevented.

Our experience shows that garage users tend to ignore quite a lot of issues simply because they do not interfere seriously with the use of the electric door system. This is certainly a mistake which you should avoid. You should not hesitate to turn to our specialists in garage door repair in Corona Del Mar even with questions which may seem silly.

* Is rust on the panels a serious cause for concern? The garage door panels must not be left to corrode. Otherwise, replacement will be required eventually. Our professionals implement a comprehensive solution which involves preventive care in such cases. It involves rust removal with steel wool and a safe product. The affected panels are covered with protective paint. The weather seals are replaced as well, if needed.

* Do scraping sounds during door operation signal a major problem? Most often, this issue occurs due to frayed lift cables. In this case, our experts will provide timely replacement to keep the system safe and properly operating. If there is damage to the end bearing plate or to the pulleys, we will take the right measures for resolving this issue as well.

The solutions we provide to these and other problems are completely effective and allow the system to work optimally at all times. However, repair may not always be possible. In some cases, a major component such as the opener has to be replaced. This step can be taken not only because of damage, but for the purpose of performance, security and safety improvement. Regardless of the reason, we will provide perfect garage door opener replacement plus competent assistance throughout the selection process. Consider the main types of electric operators available.

* Chain-drive openers - These use a chain which moves the trolley along the track. They are sturdy and reliable performers, but they tend to make a good amount of noise even with proper lubrication maintenance. They are best for garages which are away from the bedrooms in the house.

* Screw-drive units - They use a steel rod which turns to enable the movement of the door via the trolley which is connected to it. They have high opening speed while being fairly easy to maintain. They are not the top choice for areas with great temperature variations, however.

* Belt drive models - These are the quietest of all electric operators because they use a belt which is made from strong reinforced polymer, plastic or rubber material rather than a chain. They operate in the same way as the chain drive units.

Whether you want to get a new opener installed or to have an urgent issue resolved, we will arrange for the best local technicians to come to your place and do a fabulous job.

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